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OSU Esports Arena November Valorant Contest

We are excited to announce our second tournament within the OSU Esports Arena! For the entire month of November, play the ranked gamemode of Valorant to climb the leaderboard and potentially get up to 15 free hours at the Arena! Score is calculated by multiplying your end-of-game Combat Score by 0.1. The first place winner will receive 15 free hours in the arena, second place will receive 10 free hours and third place will receive 5 free hours.


You can keep up with your current standings by viewing the leaderboard page on the ggLeap dashboard. The point breakdown will be available to view at the front desk in the arena. For more information, contact or use the general chat in the Esports Arena Discord

Gamers of OSU Events

If you're interested in participating with the Gamers of OSU, be sure to check out their CampusLink page or their Linktree Page to find out how you can get involved.

Options to plan events within the arena will be coming soon. To find out more, please call or email us using the contact information to the right.

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